Thoughts on Productivity

July 25, 2018 ยท 3 minute read

Here are some of my thoughts on being more productive. Most of these ideas don't just apply to programming or office work. They worked for me as a musician as well.

The goal is to reach a state of flow. A state where you can connect one thought to another and complete a task.

Also have a purpose. Why are you going to work everyday? Do you find meaning in what you are doing?

Make a Plan

Minimize Distractions

Be Mentally Alert

  1. Before I adopted this practice I would get to the end of the week and wonder what I had actually accomplished. I thought I worked hard but couldn't remember what I had done. I feel better about the work I accomplished and can evaluate what worked and what didn't. [return]
  2. I try to do a monthly 2-3 day fast for religious and health reasons. Once I got used to it, I look forward to the monthly fast. After the first day you don't really get any hungrier. In fact by the end of day 2 I am usually not hungry but have a lot of energy and mental clarity. [return]